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Monitoring services

Ellegi srl activities are focused in specific segments:

Environmental and natural hazard monitoring products and services, in particular landslides and rockslides, but also ground morphological changes;

Structures, infrastructures and buildings monitoring and diagnostic, suach as: bridges,dams, viaducts, buildings, etc.

In both the areas Ellegi srl offers and uses mainly the GBInSAR or TInSAR LiSALab technology, that represent a real breaktrough from the traditional ones.

In order to offer its products and services, Ellegi srl srl has an internal laboratory of its own to design, produce and assembly the LiSAmobile systems used in monitoring campaigns. This allows Ellegi srl to have an high level of operative flexibility and to answer every customer request in an immediately and effectively way.

Engineering activities

In addition to the monitoring products and services Ellegi srl performs engineering activities and develops software for data and signal acquiring, processing and analysis in various fields, in particular for natural hazards and Civil Protection areas.

Research and Development activities

Thanks to its particular scientific background and know-how, Ellegi srl is able to offer the best abilities to perform R&D activities both for internal use and third party works, relying also on the partnership and collaboration of its partner network.




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